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Dive Into Modern
Data Exchange & Monetization

Unlock the Full Potential of your Data 

Incentivize Data Producers

Leverage the data generated by your users across a variety of your apps, games, engagement experiences, and integrations.


Offer reward-based incentives to your data-producing end-users, be it individual users, or fleets of IoT devices.

Realtime Data Exchange, Sharing, and Licensing

Publish data in real-time to DRM3 directly from the edge or your backend, allowing for immediate availability to downstream data consumers.


Consolidate data from various upstream data producing sources you configure, and make it immediately available over API and SDK, enabling real-time end-to-end data sharing and monetization.

Bespoke Market Making

Your data is unique.  Pricing your datasets and determining incentives oferred to data producers should be customizable to meet the specific needs of your business.


Set pricing rules and create bespoke incentives that align with your business model.


Enhance profitability while benefiting both your end-users and those buying data generated by your ecosystem.

Powered by NFT

The DRM3 Network rewards your data producing  end-users while connecting you to data distribution channels, enabling sustained monetization of your data assets.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem
(not the other way around)

DRM3 simplifies data monetization with embeddable SDKs that track and reward data production via NFT.


Developers and end-users publish real-time data from their existing apps, while data consumers benefit from low-latency, real-time data accessibility.

By integrating DRM3's monetization capabilities into existing ecosystems, data publishers and subscribers can provide seamless data-fueled experiences for their end-users.

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